The Greatest YouTube Star Wars Videos

YouTube is responsible for some of the best, and of course, worst videos of all time. Its format has allowed amateur directors and film makers from all over the world to produce and upload their videos for the whole internet audience to see. The depth of originality within YouTube is unrivalled than with any other medium and although there is an awful lot of unedited junk, if you sieve through all that and sacrifice lots of time, that could be spent doing useful things, you get some really great videos. One set of videos that have always been a favourite of mine have been the countless Star Wars parodies, pastiches and homage’s from a huge group of fans to a film they love. Here, I will be looking at my five favourite Star Wars videos found on YouTube.

1.) Call Me Maybe Star War style: One of the more recent videos that’s been uploaded, the Star Wars rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen’s, Call Me Maybe stood out amidst a mass of pastiches sending up the same song. The sheer dedication by the video’s maker to take all of the short, sharp shots and assimilate them to produce a song better than the original is truly a work of genius.

2.) The Emperor gets a job: This fan made video is not only hilarious, with terrific intertextual references to its source material but the man playing the Emperor is uncanny. His voice is so close to that of Ian MacDiarmid’s’ that you’d struggle telling them apart. This only adds to the intelligent script and Oscar worthy acting complete with bathos as Palpatine attempts to find work after his apprentice through him down that cavern in the Death Star.

3.) Lego Star Wars: No, not the successful video game franchise but this four and a half minute video that skims through the entire saga, summing it up perfectly with a humour and sweetness. The effort to complete the near impossible task of condensing over twelve hours of film into this time is pretty amazing whiledone with heart.

4.) Star Wars Kid: The original and most famous of all the Star Wars YouTube videos. After going viral it made a star out of its lightsaber wielding protagonist who would always be known as ‘The Star Wars Kid’ from then on and has been referenced the world over in TV shows and throughout the internet. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for the graceful actions of the Star Wars Kid…

5.) Moves Like Jabba: Always end of a song, so my choice for the final video is Moves Like Jabba from the Break Originals. Deriving, obviously from the Maroon 5 song with the similar name the whole thing is great from the decent singing, hilarious lyrics and dynamic video. It really does have the love of the original trilogies at its core while making a really good music video.

There are countless fan made films regarding everything Star Wars. Not only that but YouTube allows everyone to see old Star Wars Robot Chicken and Adam and Joe shorts, as well as being the first place many could see the deleted scenes, lost from the movies for so long. There are so many videos to go to that you could spend hours on end enjoying them all. My list is merely a cross section of these and I’m sure people will keep producing and uploading more and more great, original videos around their favourite saga.


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