Indie Corner


This is the part of my blog in which I intend to big up all the great, new indie films that deserve to be seen. There’s nothing better than a small budget movie that gets discovered and causes ripples throughout the filmindustry (See Above). I just provide some coverage in ahope that my recommendations will inspire more to watch these gems. There are so many terrific, low budget movies out there being made today, and with the rise of digital technology there are lots of great stories there going unseen. Often these, intense, unpredictable and exciting films can provide entertainment while simultaneously provoking an excitement from film that can be lost when feasting upon Hollywood day in day out. It is also the hard work and creativity of these people that inspire the next generation of future filmmakers. The indie film makers of today are the next wave. So, in a time it’s so difficult to get a movie made let’s all support the little films and get them seen!


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