You Saw It Coming


When you walk into a blockbuster movie in the present day, I think it is fair to say, we are not going in waiting to be as shocked and surprised like we used to. Most of the time a film’s trailers will give away large amounts of information, sometimes to the extent where the entire plot is revealed. From there each frame from trailers and sneak peaks are speculated about on message boards, blogs and social media until, if we wanted, we could all have a good idea of where the movie is going in a narrative and character sense. I’m not saying this is a bad thing at all, in fact, sometimes the anticipation and speculation outweighs the excitement derived from the actual film. What I am saying, that in this day and age the movie has to understand that a large chunk of its audience will have been exposed to its money shots and best lines of dialogue already, so instead of insulting their intelligence it’s all about embracing the predictability.

Predictability is not a bad thing, some would say it is connected with a film being boring. However, the ubiquity of a massive summer blockbuster and the marketing associated with it will not change. Jurassic World has handled this fantastically and is a great example of producing a film with the knowledge that everyone is going to have a good guess at the storyline and will have watched the trailers quite a few times.

In the last month, the marketing team behind Jurassic World has been hitting us hard. Trailers, TV Spots, merchandise, magazine covers and not to mention the app where you can build your own Jurassic World (if you have the money to buy the £40 packs of cards to play the game via in store purchasing) my point is, you know there’s a new Jurassic Park film coming out and you know the basis for the plot and have already seen the dinosaurs. Add this to the fact that a lot of people going to see this film have seen Jurassic Park I-III or at least the first one which Jurassic World mainly derives it ideas from. It all looked set up for a potential disappointment where we’ve seen it all before. But director Colin Trevorrow was probably aware that this would happen which is why he just went all out.


The best case and point would be that of the new park attraction, the hybrid dinosaur Indominus Rex. The early trailers tried to mask the appearance of this creature but with the merchandise coming out many months before in Lego form and as its design was starting to be shown online and on magazines, the cat was out the bag and from that stage you might as well show it as much as you can in the film. The Indominus is shown very early in the movie, unlike Jaws which this movie borrows from in some respects. Trevorrow mentioned in an interview these days you don’t get the luxury of just one trailer like Jaws had 40 years ago so you can keep your best secrets hidden, so, to his credit, he just went all guns blazing and it worked wonderfully. Also, the main reason the suspense was so great in Jaws was down to the mechanical shark not working and so Spielberg had no choice but to keep the shark hidden for the majority of the film.

In Jurassic World we knew the raptors we’re going to be smart and Chris Pratt was going to be their trainer, also the Mosasaur was going to play some part, as we also knew that Bryce Dallas Howard holding a flare in in front of an opening of a door can only mean one thing is coming up. The plot was massively derivative of the first film where two children, who are related to somebody very important in the running of the park are left to alone with carnivorous dinosaurs. However, it does it in a way that is still entertaining and because there isn’t the element of surprise that Jaws or the original Jurassic Park had in 1993, Jurrasic World presents us with huge amounts of action and a well written script from Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa.

This isn’t the only franchise in which the movies must up their game to survive at the box office. Although studios know that lots of people like the same thing presented, there has to be some difference, something new to keep us coming back to the cinema. Studios that have become complacent and have churned out the same rubbish all the time have suffered bad financial returns. People are not that easily fooled and many franchises have needed a reboot to survive or been destroyed completely (Terminator Salvation, Speed 2, Batman and Robin, Spiderman 3, etc.)


A studio like Marvel has to keep upping its game to create a sense of something you haven’t seen before with the huge amount of films they have produced in such a short space of time. When we had Phase One with Iron Man, 1 & 2, Thor and Captain America, that all culminated in The Avengers which was ground breaking because of the build-up and the sheer scale of the movie. Now, with Avengers: Age of Ultron, new characters are being established to give the audience something new but through marketing and the previous films we have already seen so much in the last few years. That’s why Guardians of the Galaxy was so great, because it was such an original choice of comic to adapt compared to the normal Marvel universe. Age of Ultron was a well made film but it lacked surprises and didn’t do anything special, besides establishing the vision, to remedy the overused formula.

Jurassic World is a great movie though, whether my opinions are deep seated in nostalgia is one for everyone else to determine but it was so great to go into a movie in which I had seen the trailer to death and not be disappointed with the end product. I can only hope that it is the same with The Force Awakens. Although J.J Abrams does like to keep a lid on his films and not give too much away it’ll be a big ask in the world we live in now. At this moment, we’ll just have to speculate.


A Tale of Two Trailers


This is the kind of week we wait for in film. We were treated to not just one, but two of the most anticipated trailers in the history of the Blockbuster. Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens may have only given us a few teasing moments to whet the appetite but they were enough to fuel anticipation levels and get everyone intensely talking and speculating.


The Jurassic World trailer came earlier in the week and because it’s due for a release on 12th June more post production has been completed so we got to see quite a bit of footage. In terms of plot there is a base to work upon here. 22 years after John Hammond’s initial attempt to bring dinosaurs back to life in Jurassic Park and create a park that would showcase these marvels it would seem someone has made this idea into a fully operational and popular attraction. Meanwhile, scientists (including the returning BD Wong as Henry Wu) are treading new genetic ground by creating the first hybrid dinosaur. The exact nature of this super dinosaur are very much under wraps and all we know are that it’s highly intelligent and kills at will, which suggests a velociraptor merged with something bigger, but that still remains a secret.

Being an obsessive follower of the Jurassic Park series it’s so great to actually see this trailer, just because it’s finally come to fruition. After years in development hell with massing uncertainty over who will direct or star or what story will be used it’s finally only six months away. Not only that but it looks great, it’s impossible to judge an entire film from a trailer but Jurassic World really does look the part and director Colin Trevorrow looks to have kept the essence of the original while adding his own style. There are only snippets of the various dinosaurs but there are plenty of them. Introducing new dinosaurs, including the massive sea dwelling Mosasaurus, and adding new dimensions to the old ones including the raptors, who are said to be working with staff member Owen played by Chris Pratt, both the human and dinosaur performances look a lot more layered than the one dimensional Jurassic Park III.

An issue with a lot of the trailers these days is they give away entire plotlines or all the best jokes in an attempt to sell the movie but there is still so much of Jurassic World which is shrouded in mystery. Does the T-Rex, the poster dinosaur for the franchise, return with a bigger role than that of the previous film? Will the raptors work with the humans or will they merely betray them? And what are the intentions of the owners of Jurassic World? Both Vincent D’Onofrio and Irrfan Khan are executives of the Masrani Corporation which own the theme park. Two big actors who we did not see in the trailer suggests that something more is afoot and I really cannot wait to see it on the big screen in a mix of excitement and pure unmitigated nostalgia.

Talking about nostalgia, whilst still getting over the trailer for Jurassic World only a few days later we had out first glimpse at The Force Awakens. I say a glimpse being it was only a minute and a half long. J.J Abrams and co have only just completed principal photography a few weeks ago and there will be still a huge amount to add in post production. Being only 88 seconds long and with a year left to complete, it lacked the flow of a theatrical trailer, but as random assortments of images go it was truly the pinnacle. Never before has an ominous voice over (Is it Serkis, Driver or Cumberbatch?) and a few out of context shots amassed so much excitement from so many.

It doesn’t answer a whole host of questions as to what’s in The Force Awakens except that it has The Millennium Falcon in all its glory, a Sith with a red lightsaber that, when ignited, becomes a crucifix shape and the X-Wings are back with Oscar Isaac at the helm of one. John Boyega’s role is uncertain, is he a Stormtrooper, or like Luke in a New Hope is he just donning the uniform and all we know about Daisy Ridley is she’s on Tatooine at some point of the film. So, lots still to speculate about. It’s been a real enjoyment in itself reading all of the various interpretations of what the various images mean. We still have a long way to go until December but from these few images it look promising.

One thing both Jurassic World and The Force Awakens are that John Williams was the composer for the original films and it is that music that really gives the trailer the extra edge over those of other movies. Interestingly, the same composer was look set to take over him for both movies, however, although Michael Giacchino is doing the score for Jurassic World, Williams is returning to the Star Wars universe once again. One thing that will be certain in both movies is the music will be spectacular.

We have been truly spoiled this week, even though the extent of that spoiling was a cumulative four minutes. At least we know that the films are on there way next year and we can go on speculating about plots and characters until they do.

A Busy Week In The Film World

Hello readers, it’s good to be back writing after a long absence. A few factors, including becoming a newly married man, have left me with no free time whatsoever and its refreshing to finally be able to open up my laptop again and start tapping those keys and talking about movies. Anyway enough about me, so much has been happening this week in the world of film that it was impossible to write a blog pinpointing on one issue. Therefore, here is a rundown in what has got the world talking:

1) There will be a Toy Story 4 in 2017


Not content with a perfect, rounded off ending and the odd half hour episode, Pixar have decided to continue with their most successful set of films. There has been a huge amount of online excitement regarding the announcement that the franchise will continue on the big screen. However, there has been another section of people curious as to where all the original ideas have gone at Pixar. Toy Story 4, which will be directed by the legend of Pixar, John Lasseter, has been added to the list of sequels announced by the studio including Finding Dory, Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2. Although these are all probably going to be a wonderful combination of visually stunning graphics and heartwarming stories it was the consistant, fresh ideas in the early years of Pixar that earnt it so much love and respect from worldwide audiences.

It looks as though from next year we will start to see a combination of old favourites and new ideas as two original Pixar films come out in quick succession with Inside Out directed by Pete Doctor with an ambitious premise about the workings of the human mind and the less cerebral The Good Dinosaur. Fundementally, Pixar could release anything they wanted and earn huge box office receipts, that’s not what they’re about. Toy Story 4 will introduce a new generation to these characters in a film that will entertain and astonish them as the original did almost twenty years ago.

2) Star Wars Episode VII has a title


Yes, and let’s hope that the script is better than the title that precedes it. Maybe that’s unfair, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to take some getting used to. Obviously you don’t want to spend too much time scrutinising a title, no, a subtitle even, but because it’s Star Wars and therefore the biggest franchise in the history of cinema people are going to analyse it with a passion.

The Force Awakens seems more like a title plucked from the extended universe, a Clone Wars episode or Xbox game perhaps rather than a movie that’s going to make a billion dollars. It also looks like it will do away with the Episode VII part, which has been a fixture of the films since A New Hope introduced it. But as Shakespeare said “what’s in a name?” Everything else that’s come from the Star Wars camp has sounded positive, besides Harrison Ford breaking his ankle. The casting is solid with a mix of old and new, science fiction juggernaut Rian Johnson is going to be heavily involved in directing and writing on episodes VIII and IX respectively and principal production is complete. So, we’ll wait and see, maybe when we see the film the title will have a special significance, or we’ll just forget the title and enjoy the movie.

3) The Battle of The Five Armies has a new trailer

Just over a month before The Hobbit’s long, long, long awaited final chapter comes one of the trailers of the year to show us that it could of been worth the wait all along. It’s just pure action and intensity and everything that Peter Jackson does best. He knows this will most likely be his last venture into Middle Earth and is throwing everything at his denouement. There’s been so much said about these Hobbit films, especially the long debated questions: Are they too long? Can three films be justifies for a book of just over 200 pages? If this film proves both of the answers to those questions as no then it has done its job. Whereas An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation Of Smaug were pretty bloated in places Battle of The Five Armies looks like is doesn’t intend on wasting a second and treating the audience for bearing with them and paying for three separate films.

4) Tarantino has his Hateful Eight


In January Quentin Tarantino decided to abandon his next project The Hateful Eight as a leaked, online script had left him feeling betrayed. Ten months down the line he’s calmed down, withdrawn his lawsuit and has announced his cast for the movie. A mix of fresh talent and old Tarantino alumni, the eponymous Eight have been revealed as: Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins, Michael Madsen, Demian Bicher and Bruce Dern. Channing Tatum also stars, however, his role has yet to be revealed.

We are going to be truly spoilt in 2015, alongside massive budget, effects laden blockbusters like Star Wars and Avengers 2 it’s great to have a true event movie that is just good, old fashioned film making. Tarantino will most likely shoot on film, as is his preference and combined with another of his great scripts this is going to be a real treat.

5) Interstellar is out, and you need to see it at the cinema


This weekend, you’ve probably seen countless Interstellar reviews already and all of them consist of immense praise for the truly groundbreaking effects, the original and exciting script that will leave your emotions all over the place and fantastic performances from the brilliant Matthew McConaughey. All, of this and more is true, it is a fantastic film that respects its audience, as Christopher Nolan is known to do, which will leave you thinking long after you’ve left your seat.

If I were just going to give one word of advice though, it would be to see it at the cinema with the big screen, the speakers blaring and the chairs rocking. It’s tempting sometimes to wait for the Blu Ray or the on demand services what with the prices of going to the cinema spiralling out of control but this is a picture that requires the environment of a darkened cinema to truly appreciate it. Just let Interstellar take you for 2 hours and 40 minutes and you’ve got an unforgettable movie going experience. An absolute triumph of a movie that wants me to go right back to the cinema and experience it all again.

So, a very busy week for film and with a huge amount of big movies coming out in the next few months I can only foresee some even busier ones on the horizon. Good to be back writing!


Happy 30th Birthday Return of the Jedi


2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. Last of the original Star Wars films, it finalised George Lucas’s trilogy wonderfully with some of the greatest and most memorable scenes of the franchise. Although it’s taken some negative criticism regarding those cuddly, little Ewoks and a few of the Endor scenes dragging, it is still a terrific film thirty years on. It was my favourite of the original three for about a decade until The Empire Strikes Back took that title. However, there is still lots and lots to like in Jedi and here are some of the reasons it’s such a fine movie.

1.)    The Opening scene – The first five minutes after the opening crawl comprise of some great acting as Darth Vader’s ship lands upon the new Death Star. We then get to enjoy some great acting from the commander of newly constructed space station Moff Jejerrod, played exquisitely by English actor Michael Pennington. Every line of dialogue uttered between both Vader and himself is superbly crisp and memorable as they exchange lines in a wonderful back and forth that finishes with the chilling line “The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am”. A key scene of exposition made interesting and watchable by some great acting and sharp writing which builds suspense around The Emperor despite not seeing him first hand yet.


2.)    Jabba’s Palace – For the best part of my adolescence the 45 minutes spent on Tatooine in the presence of Jabba the Hutt and his band of weird aliens was the pinnacle of all film for me. From C-3PO and R2-D2 arriving nervously at the huge gate (which didn’t really need to be made bigger in the blu-ray version) to the destruction of the sail barge it was wall to wall action, adventure and fun. The setting was whimsical, claustrophobic and full of peril and in the Rancor and Sarlacc were two threatening and distinctive movie monsters. Luke is finally coming into his own as a Jedi, Leia is freeing the man she loves and Lando is seeking redemption. Every character has their motive, the tactics are set and this gives life to a great piece of adventure cinema.


3.)    Yoda becomes one with the force – Before the prequels, before the embarrassing Vodafone adverts and before Yoda became a springy, lightsaber wielding, green warrior this is what we knew. Yoda didn’t need to be a big, strong man to be the greatest Jedi Master. He was humble, wise and passed on his knowledge whilst training Luke. We went through his journey as well as Luke’s in Empire and sympathised with his character. Luke was the last hope of the Jedi and Yoda has to train him. Although Luke’s mind wondered to his friends he was the last chance for the Jedi Order and the only way to defeat the Galactic Empire that had all but eradicated the Jedi and all of Yoda’s former friends and colleagues. There was so much at stake with Yoda and that’s why so many people well up at the death a little puppet voiced by Frank Oz. He is believable, he has a story and his passing is tragic. His passing leaves all but two Jedi in the universe, he has done all he can and we hope his legacy can pass on. It is a fine scene and both Mark Hamill and Frank Oz are wonderful.

4.)    The Minor Characters – With the diverse range of aliens and people from a myriad of worlds Return treats us with a number of minor characters that ingrain themselves into our memories and help audiences take a further step into the Star Wars Universe. Lando’s incoherent co-pilot Nien Numb, Jabba’s Gamorrean Guards, Max Rebo, palace “jester” Salacious Crumb and that baby Ewok to name but a few are fantastic examples of Star Wars’ ability to build a world with real characters, which is what makes it so rich. However, the greatest and most memorable of these characters is Mr Admiral Akbar, the Mon Calamari born leader of the rebel fleet in their attempt to blow up the second Death Star. His one liner “It’s a Trap” was enough to secure him a cult following and a place in all true Star Wars’ fans heart. Although he was a strange looking fish general, that sigh of relief he expels as his objective is complete is more real than some human acting.

5.)    The Emperor – The more you watch this film the more you realise how much it revolves around Emperor Palpatine. In fact you realise how much the entire trilogy does. A character that clocked about three minutes of screen time in the saga until now has been behind everything. He’s been the one instructing Vader and now we see the full extent of his manipulation and pure evil. His character is rich with hate and his relentless pursuit of Skywalker at whatever cost is gripping. Ian McDiarmid is truly engaging, even by just sitting in his huge chair, taunting and playing mind games with Luke. He knows he is close to turning Luke to the dark side and his dialogue and actions whilst doing this are wonderful thing to see. This then leads to the best lightsaber duel in the franchise as John Williams produces a wonderful choral score to match the anguish in the fight between father and son. Culminating in the demise of the Emperor as Vader overthrows his master, Palpatine remains defiant and hateful until the end.


Happy 30th Birthday Return of The Jedi    

Star Wars: In Memorium

Hello everyone,

As I expand my blog I hope to start adding some video podcasts with some discussions about movies and other film related features. For the time being though here’s a video I made while having a play around with Movie Maker. It’s a memorial to many of those brave characters in the Star Wars saga that lost their life. I hope you enjoy and you don’t feel like you’ve wasted five minutes of your life.

What I’d Like To See From Episode VII


J.J Abrams is at the helm, Harrison Ford is on board and it’s going to be set sometime after the events of Return of the Jedi. We don’t know too much about Star Wars Episode VII, let alone VIII and IX that make up the sequel trilogy. We don’t know at what stage of development it’s in, or much at all really, but as pieces of information emerge from one of the most highly anticipated film of the next few years we shall begin to see what kind of form Episode VII will take soon.

One of my favourite parts of looking forward to a new film in a franchise is seeing the rumours that emerge, and when a film with such a big fan base start voicing these opinions and possibilities it gets the juices flowing even more. Anything is possible at this stage in time; it could be totally new ideas or allowing some of the Expanded Universe to feed into the movies. Admiral Ackbar or Nien Numb could be our protagonist as they battle against an army of Mandalorians on Malastare, who knows? It’s all speculation at the moment and that can be just as entertaining as the finished film.

Darth Maul

Some of the rumours during production of the prequels still remain with me such as the potential that N Sync were going to perform in the Geonosian Arena or the countless actors, including Leonardo Di Caprio, that might of played Anakin . These prospects just sent my imagination into overload and the drips of information that came from Lucasfilm kept me hungry for more.

Everyone’s got an idea of how they want the movies and how they can see them happening. Putting the potential spin offs aside for now (that’s another blog in the making) here is my wish list for the Star Wars: Episode VII and what Abrams and the crew could do to keep it fresh and shake off some of the negativity that the prequels created.

1.)    No more Tatooine:

Binary sunset

Don’t get me wrong, Tatooine is a great planet that has given many memorable moments throughout the saga such as the Binary Sunset, the scenes in Jabba’s Palace and the Podrace. However, it’s appeared in five out of the six films and there is a whole galaxy out there to explore. It was integral as it was the birthplace of both Anakin and Luke. But, maybe it’s time to traverse new environments as the Clone Wars TV show does. A new trilogy can call for new planets to get the audience excited. Anybody who reads the Expanded Universe novels or plays the Star Wars games knows how vast the system is and I want to see as much of it as possible.

2.)    Concieve some new protagonists:


Harrison Ford is back as Han Solo and Mark Hamill is in talks, this is positive because it links into the previous films and helps us back into the Star Wars world. Obviously they were amazing in the original trilogy but Episode VII cannot go the way of Crystal Skull though, where Ford and Hammill run around whilst describing how old and worn out they are. It would be great if we saw an old Luke running his own Jedi academy and training apprentices with the originally stoical attitude of Yoda or Obi-Wan, but if we see him jumping around with his lightsaber in his 60s, it might start to look a bit silly. And RD-D2, C-3PO and Chewie have to be there on merit, not like the prequels just so people can go oh look its them.

3.)    Go easy on the Blue Screen:

General Grevious

One of the reasons that A New Hope worked so well is because George Lucas made the future looked used and dirty, this was a revelation, not done by previous science fiction films. This inspired film makers and created a believable world. In the prequels though, because of the abundance of blue screen, everything was too clean and crisp. You couldn’t believe that people lived in Naboo or Coruscant; there was no pollution or dirt anywhere. Kamino is so clean it’s blinding, even the Clones don’t have anything to eat on their clean white plates (See Below). Episode VII needs to reincorporate this used feel to create a true verisimilitude.

Clone food

4.)    And on the CGI characters

Seperatist Leaders

Lucas has argued in the past that a fake alien created with prosthetics and played by a person is in no way more believable than a CGI character. I can’t agree with this and I know many of the fans of the prequels couldn’t either. The advancements in computer technology can give Jar Jar 100,000 different facial movements, so what? Nobody cares, he still looks fake, so does Boss Nass and Watto and the mess that is the rabble of Separatist leaders. People can tell when a computer is being used and there is something great about the people in suits in the original trilogy, Greedo, Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt are much loved by the fans and iconic. I think, if they were computerised they’d lose some of their charm. I’d like to think Abrams would try to encapsulate this charm of the originals with his movies. Instead of making do with this…

CGI thing

 5.)    Create worthy adversaries

Battle Droids PM

Why not make some threatening villains that can shoot straight and create genuine fear and chaos. The battle droids were useless, Lucas knows they were useless and could not create jeopardy but he put them in so many scenes. Wasting everybody’s time, they were more like a distraction than a threat. The darker Lord of the Rings and recent Batman films show that audiences respond to threatening, interesting villains. Star Wars have already done is once with Vader and can do it again. A main villain that lasts the three films would be great. One that goes through an arc, otherwise we might be left with another General Grevious.

So there are some of the things I would like in the new films. I’m not just using this blog to do some prequel bashing, I enjoy the prequels, watching them on a regular basis, but there are things that can be changed for the better and I’m sure any fan of Star Wars would tell you the same. Only time will tell what will happen before summer 2015 and I cannot wait to be embedded with speculation and conformation and see where Episode VII is going.

The Greatest YouTube Star Wars Videos

YouTube is responsible for some of the best, and of course, worst videos of all time. Its format has allowed amateur directors and film makers from all over the world to produce and upload their videos for the whole internet audience to see. The depth of originality within YouTube is unrivalled than with any other medium and although there is an awful lot of unedited junk, if you sieve through all that and sacrifice lots of time, that could be spent doing useful things, you get some really great videos. One set of videos that have always been a favourite of mine have been the countless Star Wars parodies, pastiches and homage’s from a huge group of fans to a film they love. Here, I will be looking at my five favourite Star Wars videos found on YouTube.

1.) Call Me Maybe Star War style: One of the more recent videos that’s been uploaded, the Star Wars rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen’s, Call Me Maybe stood out amidst a mass of pastiches sending up the same song. The sheer dedication by the video’s maker to take all of the short, sharp shots and assimilate them to produce a song better than the original is truly a work of genius.

2.) The Emperor gets a job: This fan made video is not only hilarious, with terrific intertextual references to its source material but the man playing the Emperor is uncanny. His voice is so close to that of Ian MacDiarmid’s’ that you’d struggle telling them apart. This only adds to the intelligent script and Oscar worthy acting complete with bathos as Palpatine attempts to find work after his apprentice through him down that cavern in the Death Star.

3.) Lego Star Wars: No, not the successful video game franchise but this four and a half minute video that skims through the entire saga, summing it up perfectly with a humour and sweetness. The effort to complete the near impossible task of condensing over twelve hours of film into this time is pretty amazing whiledone with heart.

4.) Star Wars Kid: The original and most famous of all the Star Wars YouTube videos. After going viral it made a star out of its lightsaber wielding protagonist who would always be known as ‘The Star Wars Kid’ from then on and has been referenced the world over in TV shows and throughout the internet. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for the graceful actions of the Star Wars Kid…

5.) Moves Like Jabba: Always end of a song, so my choice for the final video is Moves Like Jabba from the Break Originals. Deriving, obviously from the Maroon 5 song with the similar name the whole thing is great from the decent singing, hilarious lyrics and dynamic video. It really does have the love of the original trilogies at its core while making a really good music video.

There are countless fan made films regarding everything Star Wars. Not only that but YouTube allows everyone to see old Star Wars Robot Chicken and Adam and Joe shorts, as well as being the first place many could see the deleted scenes, lost from the movies for so long. There are so many videos to go to that you could spend hours on end enjoying them all. My list is merely a cross section of these and I’m sure people will keep producing and uploading more and more great, original videos around their favourite saga.